Friday, 28 June 2013

Explore52 26/13

Quick post today as I am at a wedding, but it'd be rude not to make one of the venues my explore52, the Roman Baths in Bath. Happy Friday lovelies xx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Carry on Camping - final instalment

I believe we left the last camping post with the tomfoolery of the Saturday night BBQ, so today we continue and finally leave our weekend with the Sunday walk in to West Bay. I have to say it's not my most favourite of places but when you are with good people and the sun is shining good times are still to be had (plus I loved Broadchurch - if you haven't seen it why not??? - which was filmed in the small town so it's gone slightly up in my estimation!). The coastal path ran from our campsite in to West Bay so we strolled down after packing up the tents, skimmed stones on the beach, had an enormous fry up at the greasy spoon and played in the park for a bit. Sunday heaven...

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

Photo credit: G.Atwell/J.Taylor/H.Workman

Monday, 24 June 2013

typically.pretty.wish list 10/13

Good morning and welcome to a new week, oh my goodness June has been and continues to be a super busy and exiting month for me. Lots of good things to get happy about, Frome Supermarket and Bath Christmas Market applications being accepted being at the top of the list.
I am going to need a lot of alone time to get making for these markets so I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to have a little house on a hill somewhere to avoid all distractions. Ironically this distracted me enough to come up with this Etsy wish list for you!

I'd like to wrap some gifts with this...

Little houses wrapping paper by placed

I'd like to display this...

Little house wall art by NUTAK

I'd like to hang this...

Little house on a hill by lauraamiss

I'd like to send this...

Home is wherever I'm with you card by JulieAnnArt

I'd like to put flowers in this...

Cloud collector bud vase by elukka

Which one is your favourite?

This post is not sponsored, items are just admired.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Explore52 25/13

This week my explore52 (if you've not read them before this is where I Instagram areas of my city and encourage you to do the same, tagging with #explore52) is my favourite city centre place to sit and watch the world go by. I perch myself against the Abbey wall with a coffee and relax whilst listening to the many Bath buskers that frequent the Abbey courtyard. 

Hope you've had a great week peeps and have a happy weekend xx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Studio - snapshot in blue

This week the lovely Jan over at Poppytalk is running the blogs annual colors week, a photography project that anyone with an instagram account can join. Each day a new colour is announced and all you have to do to play along is follow @poppytalk on instagram, upload your instasnap and tag it with #summercolors13. This is my snapshot in blue for Tuesday, my studio desk with items of inspiration through to final pieces of silver.

You can also follow me on instagram @thesilvershedgirl

Monday, 17 June 2013

A Celebration or Two

Happy Monday to all you good people out there, I hope you had a wonderful weekend no matter where you were. I think I said last week that my birthday was last weekend and that celebrations were postponed until the 15th as people were away the Saturday before, and boy was it worth the wait as my beautiful bunch of girlfriends treated to me a lovely evening at a pop-up restaurant in Bath.

I started todays post with one of my favourite pictures of me and my pops as on Sunday of course it was Fathers Day and we had a family pub lunch to celebrate... don't you just love the 80's digital watch and sideburns?

So here are some pics courtesy of Ms. Workers of Saturday night fun at Hall & Woodhouse and Sam's Kitchen pop-up restaurant, where we dined on roasted plaice with samphire, lamb casserole, rhubarb and ginger fool and peach and basil compote, delicious. The menu was all locally sourced and put together by the chef on the day. We also had entertainment in the form of a singer/songwriter at the piano, unfortunately I can't remember her name but she was very good!

The gals are looking at this chandelier made from 1000 plastic bottles!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Explore52 24/13

Don't you just love those small independent businesses that are tucked away in little corners of your town, this one in Bath is situated at edge of the Pulteney Bridge above the steps that descend down to the weir and riverside walk (see there's a sign!). Found describe themselves as a concept store and sell a mix of fashion, home ware and stationery of the highest and quirkiest design.

I like the layout of this place and the staff are really friendly too, and that's why it goes on my explore52 list. Check out their website here to see their great range of products.

This post is not sponsored, they are just admired.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

typically.pretty.pinned 8/13

Happy hump day everyone... not sure how I actually feel about it yet as the sky is a bit grey and I am planning on doing paperwork today, eugh! So in order to shift my mood to a brighter cheerier place I thought I would share some pins of late that have a sharp citrus feel. I have obviously been craving zesty summer colours as there is a lot of lime on my boards, here's a few of the best...


Originally pinned from // // //


Originally pinned from // // //


Originally pinned from // hazelnut, mint & lime icecream - // lime curd - // prosecco, mint, lime & cranberry -

Sites mentioned are the sources that the pins were originally taken from and are not sponsors in any way. I take no credit for these images :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Carry on Camping - part 2

So it was my birthday this weekend (happy day to moi) and it was lovely to spend it in the sunshine, however as I had a market to work on Sunday and a few of my besties were away the celebrations are actually being postponed until next weekend, therefore I am going to save that post for another day and today bring you part two of the camping trip of last weekend.

Where did we leave it last time? Ah that's right, a little beer had been consumed and the camera had come out! Well here is the fun and games in action, you may feel you needed to be there to appreciate it but I can honestly say we were all having a lot of laughs being like kids (actually more silly than the kids).

We started by having a little photo shoot which rapidly turned into an exercise in hill rolling (so not a good idea whilst having BBQ food and booze!) and uncontrollable belly laughs.

We then realised the potential of the ridge in the land and the power the optical illusion, some of the pics are a bit gross and juvenile but that's boys for you, ha!

When we ran out of ideas for 'borrower' photo's we had a little dance and chilled out for the rest of the evening before spending a final night sleeping under canvas... 

Our last day in West Bay will follow another day. Have a good Monday lovelies xx

Photo credit: G.Atwell/J.Taylor/H.Workman
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