Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I'm Sizing You Up

Over the weekend, whilst at the markets, I noticed that many people didn't know what size to choose in bangles and rings, so I have put together a quick guide to sizing.

The best way to find out your ring size is to visit your local jeweller and they should accurately size you without any problem, but if you need to find out at home there is a way to get a measurement that is fairly accurate. Take some string or paper and wrap it around the finger you want to size, making sure it is pulled firmly around. Mark or snip the join and measure the length, this gives you the inner circumference of the size ring you want. 

You can then use this chart to work out your size. Remember that the string/paper needs to feel as snug as the ring you want to wear.

Right, now for bangles! The size of a bangle is determined by its diameter and the standard size that most places sell will be 6.5-7 cm across. To know what size is best for you clench your hand in to a fist and measure the distance between the outside edge of your index finger to the inside of your little finger. This gives the diameter size you require.
In my shop I sell three sizes; small - 6cm, medium - 6.5cm, large - 7cm, but I can make them smaller or larger if required.

I hope you find this little guide useful xx


  1. That's very helpful, thanks! I never know what my sizes are. I really need to try this.

  2. You really aren't the only one, one of those things you don't really think about I guess :)


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