Wednesday, 19 December 2012

That's a Cracker!

So it's less than a week to the big Ho Ho Ho and I've managed to get all the gifts together. I just need to wrap them now.
I thought I would share a last minute wrapping idea with you that I've done for the little people. Instead of tags I put together some Christmas crackers with little extra gifts inside (a chocolate snowman, stick on tattoos and such). I have yet to meet a child that doesn't love pulling crackers so it seemed a nice touch to add. I did cheat a little and buy a make your own kit from The Works for a couple if pounds as it had the hats, jokes and snaps included. But instead of colouring in the outer wrapper I covered it with brown paper and used red ink to stamp the children's names on the cracker. I then finished them off with some pretty ribbon and vintage stickers. Voila, fun (and I think quite stylish) gift wrap!

What have you been using to wrap up this year?


  1. I love those crackers! The Works is pretty good for little odds and ends and I like it to get some canvases once in a while.

    My wrapping was all done quite early on, but I didn't do anything special this year. In previous years I would decoate the parcels and paint and glue bunting on the parcels I shipped or wrapped them up like big colourful presents before posting instead of leaving them in the usual brown wrapping or ordinary cardboard boxes.

    I am still a bit bewildered by the parcel my family sent me. All but one of the items had no wrapping at all. The one thing that did was the only item that needed to be put in the fridge straight away and used up within a few days! I thought that was odd. The parcel was lined with a number of empty gift bags too. Maybe it was a DIY kit for gifts. :D

    1. That's hilarious, I've never heard of wrap your own before!
      Yes the wrapping can get a little out of hand sometimes but I can't help myself.

      Well at least it's all done now so time to relax! Have a great Christmas xx


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