Friday, 28 December 2012

New Year Party Planning

With the New Year festivities upon us I thought I would share with you my new favourite must have cookery books. Last Christmas my cousin gifted me Angel Adoree's the Vintage Tea Party Book and this Christmas I got the follow up. If you like books with beautiful illustrations, show stopping but easily accomplished recipes and little extras, then you will really enjoy these.
With goats cheese truffles, mushroom crème brûlée and edible keys your party will be a splendid affair!


  1. I just saw the Vintage Tea Party Year book and loved it! I may have to buy it at some point. Really lovely to look at, beautifully made.

  2. Your blog helped me a lot, as I am also planning a new year party. Please share some ides on how should I select my venue for a party.
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