Monday, 29 April 2013

typically.pretty.wish list 8/13

Good morning lovelies, I am happy to report that the sun is still trying to shine in this neck of the woods, albeit with a cool nip in the air. After a lovely weekend spent celebrating one of my best girls birthday in a 50s vintage style and a Sunday pub lunch with my papa and uncle, it was time to sit back and mooch around Etsy for some handmade delights. I am imagining myself by the sea with this collection of goodies, with a chilled drink in the warm sun (closes eyes and sighs!).

Lace journal/notebook by PaperPlaneStationery
Bumble bee bobby pins by shopelizabethperry
Tint heart anklet by onelifejewelry
Loose fitting summer dress by deboy2000

None of the items shown in my wish list posts are sponsored, they are purely things I have seen and liked xx

Friday, 26 April 2013

Explore52 17/13

Happy Friday people, and what a morning. The sun is shining and I'm feeling, well I'm feeling rubbish actually as I've got a killer sore throat. However, mustn't let these things get in the way of the good stuff!
My explore52 (Instagram 52 project exploring my city) is the view from Engliscombe Lane on the south bank of the valley looking out to the west of Bath. In the distance you can see The Cotswolds and in the the foreground is the Moorlands, which now has a school built on it, but, was the grounds where Anne Sewel was inspired to write the novel Black Beauty.

Please feel free to join in with my project sweets xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Studio

Well I am taking advantage of the dry days to get some photography done this week, getting some snaps of the new pieces for the shop etc.
I'm not the best of photographers but I also can't afford to get my work professionally shot, so here is how I go about things. Jewellery needs close ups, good light and often the odd prop to show it at its best. I like to take my shots outside if I can using a basic homemade light box and my Nikon D5000 (don't ask me too many details as I am still teaching myself how to use a dslr). A bright but slightly overcast morning is the ideal light in my opinion, however the odd adjustment is sometimes needed in the editing suit.

A simple light box made by lining a 3 sided cardboard box with white paper and a few props to stage the jewellery. 

The props need to highlight the jewellery, not shadow it, so just one or two items to lift it should do. Here I used a reel with ribbon and lace and a pair of wooden scissors to compliment the style of the pieces, which have been inspired by heritage folk crafts and homespun patchwork quilts.

Have a great Wednesday sweets xx

Monday, 22 April 2013

typically.pretty.pinned 06/13

Little late today, and I am going to be honest and tell you that I completely forgot to write up my post! Anyway, I'm here now and sharing some recent pins that have caught my attention. I think they are slightly influenced by my desire for light and warmth and the urge to travel somewhere beautiful.


Originally pinned from // marinere.tumblr // //


Originally pinned from // // //


Originally pinned from // creamy mushroom-fontina pasta, // aspargus and goats cheese tart, // lemon tarts,

Doesn't it all look so beautiful and inviting, I really want to eat those lemon tarts like now!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Explore52 16/13

Well thank goodness it's Friday! I'm posting a picture of the beautiful Theatre Royal in Bath for my explore52 project this week as this evening I will be going to watch Midnight Tango, and as a Strictly fan - who is not ashamed of it I might add - I am very excited to see Vincent and Flavia do their thing! Have a good weekend my beauties xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Studio

Hello friends, I have been thinking for a while about whether to introduce you to my studio properly and how I work, rather than just showing the finished results. Although I've snapped the odd pic before, my studio is like my sanctuary and I'm quite protective of it, but I think I would like to start sharing snippets from my working day. So here is a little tour via my iPhone to start us off (apologise for the not so great quality images!).

My jewellers bench next to the window is never going to be beautiful but I love to have everything in its place, if it gets too cluttered then my work really suffers. Playing music also helps me focus, usually folksy type stuff but it really depends on my mood.

This is my reading zone for tea breaks or when doing some research with one of my millions of books. This wall is also slowly being covered with bits I have collected, found or been given.

And this corner is for designing and packaging up finished jewellery, it's my inspiration corner. Oh and Jack is there to watch over everything, people who know me well know that I have a slight pirate obsession!

My shelf of curiosities includes an old abandoned birds nest found in the garden and a Victorian tile.

The typewriter was originally given to my mother in the 70's by an old guy who worked on the local newspaper, I think it came from the news office. The desk it is sitting on is also special as it is my school desk, they updated the ancient furniture a couple years after I started and as mum worked at the school she asked if she could have my desk. It is obviously quite low but I kinda like still using it, so do my little cousins when they visit.

Anyway, there is the mini tour of my workspace, it is constantly being added to and changing and I love it!

Monday, 15 April 2013

typically.pretty.wish list 07/13

Good morning, I hope I find you well rested after your weekend? Yes? Well here are a few bits I spotted whilst browsing on Sunday evening, some delightful ceramic objects I thought you might like. Julia Davey was also at the Bath Artisan Market, which by the way was a spectacular day. I met so many lovely customers and caught up with lots of the other wonderfully clever stall holders, a great weekend all round!

  1. Two bird stamp buttons - Amanda Mercer
  2. Two tier cake stand - Designs by Claire Ltd
  3. Beach huts milk jug - Julia Davey Ceramics
  4. Penguin Snowdrift brooch - Beverly Gee
Have a good day lovelies xx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Explore52 - 15/13

Sshhh, don't tell anyone, but I am kinda cheating a little with my 52 project this week. So naughty I know.
My weekly instagram project is to explore my home city of Bath and its surrounding area, but this week I have travelled a little further afield (an hours train ride). As the sun decided to shine my best girl and I took her babies to the coast (I say coast, but I mean Weston-Super-Mud, I mean Mare) to build sandcastles, albeit we were still wrapped in coats and gloves! It was the best kind of day with typical behaviour befitting our Britishness... fish & chips, lashings of tea and spending all our 2p pieces to win a naff toy on the pier. Brilliant!

Little dreamy on the train ride home.

I hope the sun has shone on you this week and continues to do so xx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Collection part 2

Happy Wednesday lovelies, how are we all today? I thought I would share a few pics of some of my newer pieces now available in my shop. I am still working on the range, but these are all ready and out there for sale. This work is inspired mostly by my love of folklore and the art that it influences, using old weather/countrylore sayings and folk arts and crafts (quilts and samplers etc) as a starting point.

Shoo shoo gull, away from the sand. There's no good weather when you come to land

You can see more of my work at either of my online shops at Etsy or Folksy. And you can catch me at The Bath Artisan Market this Sunday 10-4, Green Park Station, Bath

Also don't forget to like my facebook page for the chance to win a pair of 'sewn with a kiss' earrings by April 13th xx

Monday, 8 April 2013

typically.pretty.pinned 05/13

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a new week. You know what? I have a feeling that it's going to be a good one!

Here is what I have been pinning recently, what do you think? Oh, and remember to like my facebook page for a chance to win some silver 'sewn with a kiss' earrings.


Originally pinned from // ride on, dude art print - Terry Fan, // ploughed earth - Rebecca Vincent,  


Originally pinned from // mixed media bangles - Elizabeth Jayne Abbey, Dazzle // Elisyan Liberty print sunglasses and tattoo print cushion -


Originally pinned from // sweet potato chips - undressed // spring vegetable pot pie -

Friday, 5 April 2013

Competition time xx

Would you like a chance to win these 'sewn with a kiss' sterling silver earrings? Yes, you say? Well it's totally simple...

All you need to do is share this post via Facebook, Twitter, your blog etc... and head over to The Silver Shed Facebook Page and like it. If by April 13th there are 100 new likes someone will be picked at random to win these studs and if there are 200 new likes a matching pendant will be thrown in too. Neat huh?

Happy posting xx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Explore52 - 14/13

Museums, folk art, old houses in pretty landscapes, crafts, tea shops... just a selection of the things that make me whoop. This week my explore52 is The American Museum in Bath and it has all of the above, good huh?

I am lucky to live pretty close to Claverton, the area of Bath where you will find this little gem of a house. Claverton Manor was built in the 1820's and is set in beautiful grounds overlooking a valley, it was turned into a museum in the 1960's when it was felt we needed a museum showcasing the history of America and the part we, here in the UK, played in founding that nation. This house happened to be available and suited the collection ready to be shown, it is also the site of Winston Churchill's first ever political speech, and of course his mother was American!
Many of the rooms are set out like a grand American house of the same period as the Manor along with a room of quilts and an American folk art collection, and of course there is the obligatory gift shop and coffee shop selling American wares (I totally recommend the George Washington cake!).
Also, for this summer you can see an exhibition dedicated to gangsters and gunslingers, plus there are many event days throughout the year like the 4th of July picnic (I had so much fun last year) and a quilting bee each week. What's not to love?

This Easter there was a yarn bomb trail throughout the garden.

Visit their website here y'all (sorry).

Monday, 1 April 2013

typically.pretty.wish list 06/13

Hello lovelies, I hope you have had a super weekend, I know I have. The sun came out to play for a little while yesterday so it was fun ago go at our annual Easter Sunday picnic and egg hunt. Today however is going to be a little more chilled and I think a film or two with a cuppa and a few more choccie treats should see me through. Oh yeah and here are one or two cute things I've spotted on Etsy for you to spy over, how much do you want a mini friend in a box?! Happy Monday my little bunnies xx

  1. Emerald green mountain earrings by corejewellery
  2. Cotton message doll mini friend by kekekaka
  3. Windmills art print by lauraamis
  4. Apple tree tote by zyzanna

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