Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Explore52 - 14/13

Museums, folk art, old houses in pretty landscapes, crafts, tea shops... just a selection of the things that make me whoop. This week my explore52 is The American Museum in Bath and it has all of the above, good huh?

I am lucky to live pretty close to Claverton, the area of Bath where you will find this little gem of a house. Claverton Manor was built in the 1820's and is set in beautiful grounds overlooking a valley, it was turned into a museum in the 1960's when it was felt we needed a museum showcasing the history of America and the part we, here in the UK, played in founding that nation. This house happened to be available and suited the collection ready to be shown, it is also the site of Winston Churchill's first ever political speech, and of course his mother was American!
Many of the rooms are set out like a grand American house of the same period as the Manor along with a room of quilts and an American folk art collection, and of course there is the obligatory gift shop and coffee shop selling American wares (I totally recommend the George Washington cake!).
Also, for this summer you can see an exhibition dedicated to gangsters and gunslingers, plus there are many event days throughout the year like the 4th of July picnic (I had so much fun last year) and a quilting bee each week. What's not to love?

This Easter there was a yarn bomb trail throughout the garden.

Visit their website here y'all (sorry).

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