Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Studio

Well I am taking advantage of the dry days to get some photography done this week, getting some snaps of the new pieces for the shop etc.
I'm not the best of photographers but I also can't afford to get my work professionally shot, so here is how I go about things. Jewellery needs close ups, good light and often the odd prop to show it at its best. I like to take my shots outside if I can using a basic homemade light box and my Nikon D5000 (don't ask me too many details as I am still teaching myself how to use a dslr). A bright but slightly overcast morning is the ideal light in my opinion, however the odd adjustment is sometimes needed in the editing suit.

A simple light box made by lining a 3 sided cardboard box with white paper and a few props to stage the jewellery. 

The props need to highlight the jewellery, not shadow it, so just one or two items to lift it should do. Here I used a reel with ribbon and lace and a pair of wooden scissors to compliment the style of the pieces, which have been inspired by heritage folk crafts and homespun patchwork quilts.

Have a great Wednesday sweets xx


  1. Your pictures are always great and it is interesting to see how you take them.


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