Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Studio

Hello friends, I have been thinking for a while about whether to introduce you to my studio properly and how I work, rather than just showing the finished results. Although I've snapped the odd pic before, my studio is like my sanctuary and I'm quite protective of it, but I think I would like to start sharing snippets from my working day. So here is a little tour via my iPhone to start us off (apologise for the not so great quality images!).

My jewellers bench next to the window is never going to be beautiful but I love to have everything in its place, if it gets too cluttered then my work really suffers. Playing music also helps me focus, usually folksy type stuff but it really depends on my mood.

This is my reading zone for tea breaks or when doing some research with one of my millions of books. This wall is also slowly being covered with bits I have collected, found or been given.

And this corner is for designing and packaging up finished jewellery, it's my inspiration corner. Oh and Jack is there to watch over everything, people who know me well know that I have a slight pirate obsession!

My shelf of curiosities includes an old abandoned birds nest found in the garden and a Victorian tile.

The typewriter was originally given to my mother in the 70's by an old guy who worked on the local newspaper, I think it came from the news office. The desk it is sitting on is also special as it is my school desk, they updated the ancient furniture a couple years after I started and as mum worked at the school she asked if she could have my desk. It is obviously quite low but I kinda like still using it, so do my little cousins when they visit.

Anyway, there is the mini tour of my workspace, it is constantly being added to and changing and I love it!


  1. Your studio is so charming, a perfect space for creativity. :) I love the decor and the wooden walls and vaulted ceilings, too.

    1. Thank you Hannah, I do find it a chilled out space to work in :)

  2. I love seeing creative spaces because it tells you a lot about the artist. Thanks for sharing your studio with us!


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