Monday, 17 June 2013

A Celebration or Two

Happy Monday to all you good people out there, I hope you had a wonderful weekend no matter where you were. I think I said last week that my birthday was last weekend and that celebrations were postponed until the 15th as people were away the Saturday before, and boy was it worth the wait as my beautiful bunch of girlfriends treated to me a lovely evening at a pop-up restaurant in Bath.

I started todays post with one of my favourite pictures of me and my pops as on Sunday of course it was Fathers Day and we had a family pub lunch to celebrate... don't you just love the 80's digital watch and sideburns?

So here are some pics courtesy of Ms. Workers of Saturday night fun at Hall & Woodhouse and Sam's Kitchen pop-up restaurant, where we dined on roasted plaice with samphire, lamb casserole, rhubarb and ginger fool and peach and basil compote, delicious. The menu was all locally sourced and put together by the chef on the day. We also had entertainment in the form of a singer/songwriter at the piano, unfortunately I can't remember her name but she was very good!

The gals are looking at this chandelier made from 1000 plastic bottles!

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