Monday, 3 June 2013

Carry On Camping part 1

Hello lovelies, my what a tiring but amazing weekend I have had, I really don't think I stopped laughing the entire time! It started on a high note as I had some exciting orders come through on Thursday (I love wedding orders, they are so special to make for), so when Friday came and I was all packed up for my trip to the Jurassic Coast nothing was going to dampen my spirits.

My band of wenches and I set off with our tents and tin mugs and headed on down to Eype in Dorset where we set up camp for two nights, this is the first time we had been camping together and certainly the first trip for the three kiddos that were with us. We prayed for good weather and were rewarded with a bright and sunny weekend, although it was pretty cold on the cliff top once the sun went down!

After setting up we just kicked back with our cups of tea enjoying the spectacular views of West Bay and Lyme Regis and letting the little 'uns play. We decided to stay on site at Highlands End Holiday Park for the rest of the day and ate in the pub that was on the park. The facilities were pretty good and we have said that we would all go back to stay again.

On Saturday we woke up early (I didn't actually sleep so great as I was so cold that night, I forgot my bedsocks and extra blanket!) to brilliant sunshine and after hot showers and tea we headed in to Lyme Regis for the day. I love Lyme as it still has some proper old fashioned seaside charm, I also love the history it has as a hot spot for fossil hunters. They still mark the birthday of Mary Anning, the girl who discovered dinosaur bones in the 19th century but wasn't given recognition at the time due to her sex and status.

We pretty much spent the day on the beach, paddling in the water, building sandcastles and eating ice cream before wandering back to the car and stocking up for a bbq on route. We returned to the campsite for our feast of hot dogs and burgers and after a beer or three the silliness began and the camera came out. The results of this I will share with you another day...

Photo credits: G.Atwell/J.Taylor/H.Workman/S.Harris


  1. Amazing pics! So great:)

  2. I especially love the Carry on Camping photo! Fun! :D

    The weather has been amazing lately - though I have been enjoying it, I am suspicious. :P I am going on holiday in two weeks' time and hope it won't all be rain by then.

    1. No I have faith that we will have sun for a little while, old folklore says strong winds like we have been getting are usually a sign of a sunny spell :)


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