Friday, 3 May 2013

Explore52 18/13

Is it Friday already? Really? And the May Bank Holiday weekend? Whoopie!!

Well here is my explore52 for you this week, it's my Instagram of a hidden little gem of a place. I don't get the the cinema as much as I'd like anymore but when I do go I like to try and see movies in this old picture house, tucked away in a backstreet of Bath city centre. Back in the day The Little was known as the flea pit but now it is has had a new lease of life. With only 2 small screens it is somewhat intimate but there is a nostalgia about the building that just works. They have a licensed bar and hot drinks available and of course snacks, but not the kind that need a seat all of their own as well as making you feel like you've been mugged like in the multiplex!
They show a good mix of films too, current box office hits, art house, world and old movies alike, this is probably why it's popular with the grey brigade which I kind of love.

Do you have a favourite haunt for movie night?

Oh yeah, I may be a little scatty and late on Monday as I will be peddling my wares at the Newton St Loe country market for the May Day holiday, fingers crossed for sunshine, cider and Morris Dancers!  

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