Friday, 10 May 2013


Oooo I've had a lovely week of treats, some I bought for myself and some were from others. What a lucky girl I am, wanna see what I got? OK, here you go.

At the beginning of the week mother A rocked up with this lovely scarf that she bought for me whilst she was away on her jolly girls get away, it's blue and has birds on it, what's not to love?
The enamel mugs are a treat to myself ready for a camping trip at the end of this month, can't wait for that and I'm sure I will post about it on my return. The love mug was from Urban Outfitters and the folklore mug was from Bloomsbury Bath.

I will also be taking this lovely 'perfect shirt' in 'moonlit pool' that came in the post yesterday from Conversation Pieces, an indie boutique in Los Angeles. It came beautifully packaged in pretty lace ribbon with a lollipop, how cute is that?! I won the shirt in a give away by the lovely girls over at the Lynn & Lou blog, check them and their style and craft posts out, super cute.
Finally there is the pretty silver chain I bought to hold a new pendant I made myself, the pendant needed to sit lower so I indulged in a 20" Prince of Wales chain for it (someone told me this was the name for this style yesterday). I will probably have the pendants on sale in the shop soon.

What little things have made your week?


  1. Those mugs are so adorable! I have been wanting a set of tin mugs, they're just so campy and fun:)


    1. I am slowly building up a small collection now, can't stop myself buying them, adorable right?! :)


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