Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Make... An Order Board

Hello friends, sorry about the quality of photo's in this post but I only had my phone camera and poor lighting available to record my make today.
I am very excited that I am writing this on my brand new MacBook Pro, but this wondrous machine has highlighted how much I need improve my photography skills!

For my first make of 2013 I am bringing together functionality with the fun and frivolous. I was given these stag pegs (below) for Christmas and I am going these on a design memo board that I have in my workspace, but they have also inspired me to make another board for my order list (I do like my space to be organised).

So, what is needed to make a clothes peg memo board? Well clothes pegs are a good start!

6 wooden pegs
selection of washi tape
vintage buttons
piece of wood
white emulsion paint
ink stamps
staze-on ink
hot glue gun
nails/hooks and string for hanging

The first thing you need to do is give the wooden board a wash of the paint and put it to one side to dry.
Whilst this drying you can decorate the pegs, do this by sticking your tape to the flat edge of one side of the pegs and trimming to a neat flush finish. You can then use the hot glue gun to stick on your buttons,  layering smaller ones on to larger ones to give some nice detail.

Once your paint is dry you can ink stamp whatever you want written across the top of the board, I chose the word orders with some added detail of a button image I have on a stamp. Staze-On ink really is the strongest you can buy, so be confident of your design as it's not coming off once you have stamped it!

Finally hot glue gun your pegs along the bottom edge of your board, tap your pins or hooks for hanging on to the back, attach your string and voila, you are done.

Have fun xx


  1. Those photos are lovely!! This is a great make :)

    1. Thanks Emma, it is so easy and cheap to do. Total cost was £3.49! :)


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