Monday, 14 January 2013

Selling Second Hand

I decided to throw a few things on eBay today and when taking the photo's (sorry still only able to use the phone!) I wanted to give potential buyers some idea on how the items could be used/worn. So I thought I would share a few tips with you, drawing on my time as a visual merchandiser, on how to make something more appealing. 
Obviously your main shot should be of the item as a stand alone piece as your customer will want to see exactly what they are buying. But, to draw people in it is always good to give some lifestyle shots, showing how an item of clothing could be worn, for example. If you are lucky enough to have a mannequin you can show clothing as part of a whole outfit, accessorise with jewellery or a scarf, and pin at the back to give a nice line.
For bags it is always best to stuff them so they look full, sheets of tissue paper works well loosely screwed into a ball. Then to show the bag off place a book/purse/scarf etc in it to give your customer an idea of they would use it. As long as you clearly state that these things are not included in the purchase you can style the item in whichever way shows it at its best. 

I hope you find these basic tips helpful, and by the way Les Miserables was great, emotional, but great!

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