Friday, 18 January 2013


The snow has dictated my 52 project this week as last night the heavens opened and it was just too tempting to avoid the studio (everything was pretty frozen out there) and go for a walk today. Although I can say I am a city girl, it's a bit of a lie really as Bath is surrounded by countryside and it is a matter of minutes before you are walking across fields and through woodland.
Here are a couple of instagram shots taken in the snow with my iPhone.

Have a good weekend xx


  1. THe snow is lovely! Even though I've been saying since last year that I don't want to have any snow this winter at all, thank you very much, I am enjoying it! Not sure if I will still love it tomorrow when I have to haul the entire weekly shop back to my place.

    1. Ha! Yeah good luck with that, although the shelves were empty this afternoon so you may not have much to carry :)

  2. I did suspect people might be panic buying or stock deliveries might not make it to the shops. Luckily I did find everything, but it was incredibly dangerously slippery out there. I am staying in for as long as I have to now except for perhaps a snowball fight or two.


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