Thursday, 10 January 2013

Explore 52/1

Hey, so it seems that everyone is about the 365 or 52 project and I thought why the heck not join in. I am in no way disciplined enough to stick with a daily project so I'm going with the weekly option and I am going to use good old instagram to do it.
I feel that my project should reflect my 'resolution' for 2013 to explore life more and appreciate my city and what it has to offer. Therefore, my photographs are going to document those places around Bath that I have always known but not always appreciated, the places that sometimes get missed by the hoards of tourists or just things around my town that catch my eye.

I also realise that I am a week late in starting my project so here is an instagram I took a few days ago (technically still in week one of the new year!).

This is possibly my favourite coffee house come bar in Bath and it is kind of my local. There is a small chain of Lounge bars now, but The Velo Lounge on Moorland Road is one of the first and still full of independant charm. Each of the bars has a different pre-fix to it's name, often relating to the building it's in and the Velo Lounge used to be a bike shop - get it?
This is the place I go to meet friends, chill out with a cuppa and a book or grab an evening of great food (tapas and burgers to die for), scrabble by candlelight or a pub quiz. It is a cosy hangout with a friendly atmosphere that isn't on the tourist radar, happy days!

Where is your favourite hangout?
Join in my instagram project with #explore52

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