Friday, 25 January 2013

Make - fabric covered frames

For absolutely ages now I have been thinking what to do with a whole heap of fabric scraps I have saved, they are too small to make anything substantial with but are too pretty to throw away. Then inspiration struck! A while ago I picked up some cheap wooden frames from B&Q for my market stall, I stamped them with descriptions and used them to display my silver jewellery. But I have since upgraded the frames and these older ones are going to waste.
So what better way to use up my scraps than to cover the frames and make them into a colourful patchwork frenzy to surround some photographs of my friends and family.

I used copydex to stick the fabric as it doesn't show through and it shouldn't yellow the fabric like some glues can. This is such a simple way to dress up anything that needs a little attention, why not have a go yourself. I will probably put some different pics in to hang them (these clearly don't fit!) but I had them to hand to show you the results.


  1. Oh my!! HOW CUTE!!! My mom has tons of fabric scraps! I have to show this to her!! Adorable! =)

    Ergo - Blog

    1. they actually look much better than in the photo's so tell your mum to have a go, so simple :)


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