Sunday, 7 July 2013

Explore52 27/13

Oh Lordy I have been so busy in last few days I completely forgot to post my explore52 on Friday, sorry peeps! So here it is and it is another little cheat I'm afraid as I am posting not about Bath, but Bristol, which is a short 10 minute train ride from my city. 

I have recently taken stock to be sold in the pop up shop Paper.Scissors.Stone in Bristol city centre, whilst there I was able to send some time with some pals chilling at the harbour side and looking out for the painted Gromits that are dotted around the city for the summer. 

There were also some roses dotted along the waterside for people to take. The label attached to each rose instructed us to take them to a local gallery (the Arnolfini) and exchange it for a gift, so we did and received these little paper boats by an artist. They have messages inside but I've not read mine yet. 

Anyhoo, I hope you are all having a super weekend xx

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