Thursday, 11 July 2013

10 things - inspired by Miss Indie

So I'm being a bit rubbish blog wise of late, too busy designing and being excited about things happening to my business (the pic above is my excited/full of cheek face btw) but look at the pretty things that are in the pipeline though, worth the distraction?

Because of this I didn't schedule a post for today and instead I am responding to a cute post by one of my favourite bloggers Miss Indie. Her post here tells her readers 10 things they may not know about her, cute, so here are 10 things about me that you neither need or may not want to know but I'm gonna tell you anyway!

  1. I have a total obsession for pirates, when I was a kid that is what I wanted to be and as an adult I'm not ashamed to say that Jack Sparrow makes me swoon - rum soaked and all!
  2. I love to dance whenever the mood takes me. I am often found jiggling and jiving around my studio.
  3. Throughout my teenage years and a little beyond I was lucky enough to be involved with a hot air balloon team. My parents and I would crew for the Bath City balloon and I was so lucky to fly many times. I've not been up for a long time and do really miss it sometimes.
  4. I am an only child, but when I was 11 years old I met Amanda (also an only child) and we are pretty much sisters. Nobody knows how to make me laugh like that girl, love her.
  5. My favourite thing to do when I have an hour to spare if I am in town is to sit on the floor of the Abbey Courtyard, with my back against the Abbey wall, cup of tea in hand and people watch whilst listening to the Bath buskers.
  6. I love watching old movies, from old school Hollywood glamour through to the 80s classics but I am constantly berated for never having seen the biggest hits like Star Wars and Jaws!
  7. Even though I loooovvveee my home city something is always drawing me to the coast, particularly Cornwall. Whenever I go there it feels like I have arrived home.
  8. I used to be able to speak basic Italian but I have forgotten most of it, one day I would love to learn it again and maybe live in Italy for a while, there's nothing I don't love about that country - the food, the scenery, the history, the boys - it's all good!
  9. Apparently my black/brown hair and blue eyes (they actually change colour depending on the light) are due to my mix of celtic Welsh and gypsy heritage. We have been told that on my mothers side that we are descended from Romany gypsies and my grandmother was from the Welsh valleys. This may also explain my intuition for things like when people are going to have a baby etc (I swear I always know before I'm actually told).
  10. I am auntie gemmer/gem gems to like 15 kids and I love every single one of them. They may all be under 7 years old but they are my little gang of pals and one of my fave things to do is whoop them up into a frenzy and then send them back to their mums, hilarious!
I hope these little snippets about me didn't bore you too much but I quite enjoyed sharing them with you.
Why don't you share yours?

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