Monday, 8 July 2013

My Studio - commissions

I love getting the chance to put people's thoughts and ideas into real pieces of wearable art, when someone asks me to make a commission piece neither of us know how it will look for sure but it is great when a design comes to life and exceeds mine and my customers expectations.
This happened last week when someone asked me to put together some 18th birthday gifts. The drawings my customer gave me were tweaked and given a twist of my personal style and eventually came to life, both of us were thrilled with the outcome. See what you think...

Does your craft ever surprise you?


  1. It does! Sometimes we just don't know how good we are. ;) Also, we get better with time. I can definitely see changes in my new products even though I made some of the same things. They just look much better now.

    1. It is great when you see your style develop into something you are really proud of.


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