Monday, 18 February 2013

Book Love

Good morning lovelies, hope you had a super weekend, did you? Well I did and it was down to just one simple reason - THE SUN CAME OUT!!!!

Over the weekend I had tea with my best girl and her munchkins, worked on some new jewellery and took a trip to Frome where I picked up this lovely book on home printing. When I was studying jewellery design we had classes to improve our design skill set based in print and I loved it. However, since then I have done relatively little with print and hope that this book will be like a little refresher course. I am a sucker for books and the look of this one drew me to it immediately, the imagery and layout make it a joy to read through.

If you want to pick this book up too it is...

Print Workshop - Christine Schmidt ISBN 978-0-307-58654-4

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