Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday Treat - Creamy Coconut Ice

Coconut ice is a childhood favourite of mine, to me it conjures up sunny days at the spring flower shows with the sound of a brass band floating on the air. My dad worked for the Bath Parks & Gardens so, along with mum, was always roped into working the flower show. I practically grew up in the greenhouses, so all the folks at the show knew me and I used to roam the grounds all weekend with a sense of privilege only a 6 or 7 year old can get away with. Bag of homemade sweets from the craft tent in hand I would go to visit the animals, help sell programmes on the gate and get muddy demolishing the big displays at the end of the show. The taste of coconut ice always takes me back there, though it is never quite the same, it was always so creamy and covered in delicious chocolate. What better way to try and escape the rain that is over our shores at the moment than make some coconutty yumminess and dream of summer!!!!

The recipe I have put on here is from the BBC Good Food magazine, it is so simple and makes a great treat. I actually prefer to leave it all white and roll the mixture into a log, then when set it can be dipped in chocolate and sliced. Delicious.

BBC Good Food Magazine

I also had to add this recipe I found for coconut ice cream torte, looks like crowd pleaser!

Taste of Home
Enjoy xx

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