Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fun Project - DIY Lanterns

Whilst wandering through the town yesterday I kept spotting paper lanterns that I desperately wanted to buy. However, for them to make a real impact I think you need to have lots of different ones all hung together (expensive, right?). So this got me thinking that it might be a nice little project to have a go at, here is a small selection of the best that I have found online. I really could've gone on and on, there are so many pretty ones to inspire you. Take a look at these to start you off, I am going to be making some for sure, especially with all the summer festivities that are coming up!

Cocktail Umbrella Lantern

Paper Bag Lantern
Pendent Garland
Doily Lamp

Covered Jar Lantern
Coloured Paper Discs
Pretty Colours

String Lantern
Paper PomPom
Cupcake Case Lantern

Have Fun xx

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