Monday, 23 April 2012

Cosy up with a letter or two

I absolutely love using text in the work that I do, creating jewellery with little words and messages is something that really appeals to me, so it is no surprise then that I like seeing typography on other things too. I recently discovered a cute Australian store on Etsy that makes gorgeous cushions with writing and maps (another thing I love) on them. This got me wanting to find some diy projects to make my own scatter cushions... but I think I will probably need to purchase a few from my bearded pigeon too, they are just too lovely.

Ok so here are some beautiful and clever ideas from lovelies in craft land...

Design Sponge

Days of Chalk and Chocolate

And here is my work in progress, I thought some quotes on cushions would look pretty damn good scattered on the daybed in my shed. Sorry it's not a great pic, but I think you can see where I'm going with it...

Grab a sharpie and have a go!

Have fun xx


  1. Lovely idea, might have a go myself. You could personalise them for friends birthdays hmmm


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