Wednesday, 17 September 2014

typically.pretty.pinned - 2/14

I was recently questioned about my Pinterest boards and blog, a lady wanted to know why I link these personal things to my shops and Facebook page, so I thought I'd explain here too. I do pin and blog about personal things but I feel that it is all relevant to the way that I work, these are the things that inspire me or ramblings about the days that make me want to make something new. I link these areas of my world together to give those of you who may be interested a taste of my thought and design process, a little behind the scenes glance.

So, if you like, here are some delights that have caught my eye on Pinterest lately...


bees by Mr Finch // inalux // monster riot // Masaileko Gorria // pequena lola


oneuponaCHO // jikits // crushculdesac // anthrapologie // decorology


fern cookies katelandersevents // clams canellevanille // ice cream cake thesugerhit // fig and goats cheese tart found on flickr

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