Monday, 11 June 2012

After the Birthdays and Bunting Came the Crafting

OK so I have been really lapse at posting anything recently, life has been just too exciting so I've had no time to turn on the old laptop. What with Olympic torches, Jubilee celebrations and a birthday or two I have been up to my ears in bunting, flags and cake. However, here I am with a cup of tea by my side contemplating what to do with all of those greetings cards that my friends and family have lovingly sent me. They are so pretty and the notes written inside don't deserve to be discarded lightly, a few even have drawings and greetings by the little people I know practising their handwriting.
Right, what to do with them? All too often they end up in a shoebox and forgotten about, so I was looking for some ideas on line and found a blog or two with some great ideas.
Turn them into a book, simply punch holes and bind them together. It doesn't have to be just cards, you could keep bits that remind you of a particular person, like letters and ticket stubs. Add little notes and dates if you want and use it as a kind of picture diary for the year.

The Pink Sewing Machine
Grab a tag shaped punch from your local craft store and make beautiful gift tags from old greetings cards.

Atypical Type A
Frame it! Add your fave or sentimental cards to your gallery wall. Make them pieces of art, even the greetings on the inside can look beautiful framed in the right way.

Let me know if you have any ideas yourself.

Have fun x


  1. What a cute idea, and a darling blog! (Love the name, 'Gemma,' by the way. We don't have many of them in the US! :)

  2. Thanks Meg, I have been a little absent from blog land of late and your comment gave me the kick to get back on it!
    I was named Gemma after the actress Gemma Craven who played Cinderella in The Slipper in the Rose (a movie my mother liked), I've never thought about it much as there are a lot in the UK (often spelt with a J though).

    I'm now going to check out your blog :)

  3. So cute!! Make a book........... I like it!!

    1. I really keep meaning to do it, the cards are just sitting there glaring at me for neglecting them, ha :)


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