Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hearts and Hens

This is, as you all know, the weekend of love, so it was obviously the perfect time to celebrate one of my best friends upcoming wedding. Firstly though I must mention the #sheepishheartbomb that happened on Valentines day itself. Last year I joined the followers of the gorgeous One Sheepish Girl in their quest to cover the world in knitted, crotched and fabric hearts. It was such a success that we did it again this year, and even though a storm was raging I was determined to drop my felted hearts and love notes around Bath. If you found one I hope it made you smile. 

Then came Saturday and the beautiful Akiko's hen day... 
It started in the afternoon with Akiko and us four bridesmaids taking a champagne tea at the Bath Pump Room, with plenty of bubbles, pastries and of course tea. 
Then we met the other girls for a night of cocktails, Thai tapas and sparkles. 

Now it's time to relax and enjoy this rare bit of sunshine xx

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