Monday, 18 March 2013

typically.pretty.wish list 05/13

Well it serves me right for getting all smug about my day of r&r at the spa because I now have a horrid cold and feel like poop! To cheer myself and forget about the sniffles here is this weeks wish list of beautifully bright things from etsy land.

  1. Rabbit brooch by LaurasJewellery
  2. Pubs of Dublin art print by OliverTowne
  3. Geometric bear brooch by SketchInc
  4. Je t'aime beaucoup art print by AldariArt
  5. DIY paper puppet rabbit by furzechan
  6. Letterpress lower case g by topblocktype
I hope you like this selection of colourful creations. Now... where's the chicken soup?


  1. I just love the geometric bear brooch!! It's so cute!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. That bear brooch is beyond amazing! I would love to be able to call that my own :)

  3. Ladies, the bear brooch is just the start, all her work is delicious! :)


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