Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September Love part 2

Yesterday I had to pop in to town for a few supplies and I got the chance to do a few of my favourite things. It was a crisp autumn day so I grabbed a soy hot chocolate, wandered around to the Abbey courtyard and started people watching whilst listening to some of the many buskers that play in the city centre each day. 

Tucked in a corner of the courtyard, I love sitting and soaking up the life going on around the Abbey. There are tourists wandering around eyes heavenward, kids chasing the pigeons, suits grabbing lunch and musicians and acrobats milling about waiting for their turn to do a show. You are always guaranteed to see something unexpected, and yesterday was no exception. Just as I was watching the local healing group talking to those who need a little comfort, singing could be heard in the distance. Suddenly, a large group of Regency clad Americans came in to view singing in harmony. It turned out they were a touring show here for the Jane Austen Fest which takes place each year. They just calmly wandered past chatting and singing, and that's what I love about Bath, the random things that make you smile.

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