Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Homespun Fabric Silhouette

Just like Granny would do!

Here is a nice little project that is good if you're not great at sewing like me, but want to have a play at it. I have chosen to do this one of Summer, my friend Claires' little girl as it's her birthday coming up soon.
You will need... a photo showing the person in profile, calico fabric, fabric scraps (nothing too fine), black felt, contrasting threads, tracing paper, an embroidery frame, buttons, scissors, pen, needle and pins.

Start by choosing the photo you want to use.
Place the tracing paper over your photo and
trace the area you are going to cut out in fabric.

Now carefully cut your template from the paper and pin to the felt and fabrics you are going to use. Once you've done this you can cut out your fabric. Next, clip your calico securely into the embroidery frame and pin your fabric pieces in the place you want to sew them.

Using a contrasting thread sew the fabric cutouts to the calico with a basic running stitch, don't worry if it's not perfect, that's the beauty of the homespun look.
Add any other details you want to, I used vintage buttons, thread and biro to create a floral design and detail. Finally, trim any excess calico from the edges and pop on a shelf or on the wall.

Have Fun xx

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